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The Brain’s Way of Healing

This is the “sequel” to Norman Doidge’s best selling book on neuroplasticity, “The Brain That Changes Itself”, truly discovering the healing power and potential of our brains. It is a proof of how, due to the very nature of the brain,  it has the ability to change its own structure and function and therefore the ability to overcome and repair damaged and lost function in the process.

It dedicates two full chapters to  the Feldenkrais Method(R), a remarkable modality, using the principle of neuroplasticity in practice to help people recover lost physical and mental function, as well as optimize what they currently possess.  Highly recommended!






Author: MoonDanceYoga

Zsuzsa Belhazy-Kovacs, MsME, e-RYT, GCFP(R) Zsuzsa started out as a classical ballet dancer, studying for 12 years in Hungary. She started practicing yoga with Lilias Folan's PBS series in the early eighties, while living in Vermont. She is and e-RYT and became a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner(R), GCFP in 2013 after 4 years of intensive study at the Feldenkrais Institute of New York. She is interested in other movement based healing modalities, meditation and dance therapy. Currently she teaches therapeutic yoga, Feldenkrais floor work, aka Awareness Through Movement(R) or ATM and offers private sessions both in therapeutic yoga and Feldenkrais Functional Integration(R), FI at her Nashua and West Windham NH office. When not doing yoga or Feldenkrais movement she is likely to be found on deck coaching synchronized swimming with ANA Synchro in Andover, Mass.

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