Yoga, Feldenkrais & Movement Therapy – More Online Classes Added Now

Private Instruction

One on one customized yoga instruction is an excellent way to introduce a new student to the practice of yoga in a safe, unhurried manner.

Private yoga instruction allows the student to to discover and learn the concepts yoga, as well as the physical aspects of a basic yoga practice.  We’ll cover basic yoga poses, correct alignment, basic breathing practices, yoga sequences and more.

Beyond newcomers, it is also a very competent tool to address various issues in the body, used as a therapeutic modality.  It can address muscular and mechanical imbalances, alignment issues, help with recovery from various injuries and address life style induced problem areas (chronic back, neck, shoulder tightness/ pain, etc). During the first private session – assessment and intake – your particular case is addressed and evaluated and a customized practice is offered to address your particular situation.

Private instruction will not only enhance your personal practice and address your particular situation, it will also enhance the quality of your daily life as well.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of private instruction, please contact Zsuzsa directly.  Private instruction also makes a great gift: your spouse, friends or other family members will greatly appreciate it!

Venues: TBD, by agreement


RSVP/questions: call Zsuzsa at 603-548-5511

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