Yoga, Feldenkrais & Movement Therapy

Gentle Hatha and Mindfulness

A gentle, well balanced yoga class: easy stretch, gentle poses, a carefully selected sequence to counter pose the hectic, noisy day to return to your center and find peace, balance and calm.

Hatha yoga is the physical practice of yoga – ha/sun, tha moon – that brings union to opposing forces, yin and yang if you will.  It consists of posture/asana practice, breath control/pranayama and energizes the suble channels of the body. Regular physical practice will not only keep your body and mind healthy, it also prepares you for the later steps/ meditation of the eightfold path (ashtanga).

Your teacher will guide through a hatha yoga class of centering, gentle, but effective movement, carefully selected poses and mindfulness to awaken your body’s inert intelligence and help you overcome the daily stress of life. Final relaxation and meditation will conclude the class.

No matter what your current condition or ability, you’ll receive individual attention, a caring presence and will be gently guided through the class toward feeling and functioning better by the end.