Yoga, Feldenkrais & Movement Therapy – More Online Classes Added Now

Simply Yoga

A gentle, well balanced yoga class: easy stretch, gentle poses, a carefully selected sequence to counterpose the hectic, noisy, sometimes scary world so you may return to your center and find peace, balance and calm.

It is good when your body is experiencing a period of difficulty, stiffness or unease or you’re having an off day, perhaps a day with lots of stress, maybe you’re just tired or simply want to have a little gentleness in your life, this is the class for you. This yoga class offers a balanced practice between the aspects of masculine and feminine, physical and mental , incorporating breath work and meditation.

Your teacher will guide through a hatha yoga class of centering, gentle, but effective movement, carefully selected poses and mindfulness to awaken your body’s inert intelligence and help you overcome the daily stress of life. Final relaxation and meditation will conclude the class.

Simple, effective, rejuvenating. Simply yoga, simply health.