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Functional Integration – One on One Feldenkrais(R) Session

Feldenkrais Movement Education (therapeutic minded) individual sessions – called Functional Integration(R) or FI for short – is a mind/body modality that uses gentle movement combined with awareness, where the practitioner works with the client in a one on one setting.

What happens during and FI session?

At the beginning of the session the practitioner evaluates/assesses the client’s habitual body and movement patterns and difficulties.   Focusing on what is possible in the current moment, the practitioner guides the client to understand their own patterns/movements, habits, and facilitated by the increased awareness introduces new options and possibilities, thus helping client overcome various physical/neurological issues/limitations that they might have.

It is a discipline using the principle of neuroplasticity, our brains ability to create new pathways and learn new ways of functioning.  It is always working with what is available to the client in the current moment to create new patterns, lightness and ease of movement.

Who is Feldenkrais FI for?

Feldenkrais Functional Integration (R) uses very gentle movements/touch – always within the scope of the pupil/client – to teach the body and the brain to find new possible, easy, pleasurable ways of function.  A session generally last about an hour and is done fully clothed. (comfortable attire highly recommended).

Individuals with more complex injuries and chronic pain, however, are advised to start with the FI session, which begins with an interview and a thorough examination. One-on-one sessions allow the practitioner to design the lessons to address a person’s particular difficulties.

As the client’s symptoms improve, ATM lessons are introduced.

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Individual Functional Integration sessions are available in West Windham.  For an appointment and directions call 603-548-5511.

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