Yoga, Feldenkrais & Movement Therapy

Yoga and Feldenkrais(R) in Nashua NH

MoonDanceYoga now offers 3 weekly classes in downtown Nashua NH at the beautifully renovated and expanded studios of  “Open Space Yoga” or “OSYoga” on the second floor of 19 Factory Street.  Within walking distance to downtown businesses and with ample parking in the parking garage accross the street, OSYoga is easily accessible to all.

All three classes cater to a range of audiences: they are accessible to multiple levels of practice and abilities.

Monday’s  class is an Iyengar inspired hatha yoga. It is utilizing the teachings and tenets of Sri BKS Iyengar, master teacher extraordinaire, adding yoga props to facilitate correct alignment and ease of execution.   The Iyengar inspired hatha class also includes other elements as well: mindfulness meditation, a little bit of vinyasa flow to warm the body, bring flexibility to the spine and oil creaky joints to start the class. This class is presented in a format that is suitable for the beginner as well as a more advanced student.  This class is currently on hold.

Tuesday’s late afternoon class is geared toward those getting out of work mid afternoon: teachers, nurses, hospital administrators working an earlier shift, who would like to get in there yoga practice and be home for dinner with their families :). This class is for you! Like the Wednesday morning class it is gentle and accessible to all levels and it will rejuvenate your body and calm your mind. See description below.

Wednesday is for Gentle Hatha and Mindfulness: when your body is experiencing a period of difficulty, stiffness or unease or your having an off day, you’re tired or simply want to have a little gentleness in your life, this is the class for you. This yoga class offers a balanced practice between the aspects of masculine/assertive (ha – sun) and feminine/receptive (tha – moon), physical (postures/asanas) and mental (meditation) , breath work (pranayama) and gestures/mudras.  This class is gentle enough for people with physical difficulties/injuries, but detailed enough for seasoned practitioners.

Thursday‘s offering of “Breath, Movement, Yoga” is an oasis of mindful movement, rejuvenation and stress reduction. Here we combine the mindful movement sequences of the Feldenkrais(R) Method with fitting gentle hatha yoga sequences, sitting/walking or movement based meditation with visualization to revitalize the body, the spirit and the mind. All levels are welcome.

Friday’s class offers a glimpse to a different discipline, called the Feldenkrais Method(R). It is probably the ultimate body/mind practice using very small detailed movements and instruction to allow the intelligence of your body and nervous system find new, optimal ways of movement and function.  It is a very process oriented discipline, where instead of correct alignment we’re looking for the optimal path/way for your system to function.  Since you are encouraged to try and retry different ways and variations with minute changes and details to a carefully designed sequence of movements, it is not only your body that is challenged to find the optimal path, but your brain as well. In addition to optimizing your physical being, the Feldenkrais Method(R) also optimizes the functioning of your brain: it is neuroplasticity in action.

The current Friday offering in Nashua is titled “Rejuvenate!” a very gentle sequence by Feldenkrais master teacher Alan Questel, combined with a mindfulness and a restorative element to restore your body, brain and spirit. Gentle enough for pregnant women and older populations as well.

The Nashua NH Yoga/Feldenkrais schedule at Open Space Yoga is:

Mondays              9:30 – 10:45 AM    Iyengar Inspired Hatha – On Hold

Wednesday          9:30 – 10:45 AM    Gentle Hatha and Mindfulness – On Hold

Thursdays              6:00 – 7:30 PM     Breath, Movement, Yoga – Somatics, Yoga, Mindfulness

Fridays                  10:00 – 11:15 AM     Pure Feldenkrais(R) – Intelligent Movement

I look forward to seeing you at my next Hatha Yoga or Feldenkrais(R) class at Open Space Yoga in beautiful downtown Nashua, NH.

17 Factory St Nashua - Open Space Yoga - aerial

Directions to Open Space Yoga from Main Street in Nashua:

Coming from the North (from Canal Street) cross lighted intersection at Water Street, then Factory Street (Factory Street is a one-way street from West to East) and take your next right turn onto High Street, parking garage is on right side.

Coming from the South ( East Hollis Street) take your second available left turn onto High Street, parking garage is on right side.

Landmark is Bank of America building on North West corner of Main at High Street crossing.

Parking: after taking a right turn into parking garage take an immediate left turn then a right to go to lower level. Drive to opposite end of garage to park on Factory Street side. Parking is unlimited and costs 50 cents per 30 minute period.

Open Space Yoga is at 17 Factory Street upstairs, across from parking garage.