Yoga, Feldenkrais & Movement Therapy – More Online Classes Added Now

Meditative Hatha Flow

This simple, 90 minute class is designed to be a slow paced contemplative practice, where we practice mindfulness, yoga postures with awareness and move with the flow of the breath.

Starting with an awareness based meditative sequence where we create the platform to strongly build the class on and as we settle into our physical being, find our breath and quiet our mind we become ready to start a slow, a focused and mindful asana practice.

The physical sequence itself is structured to address grounding, stability, strength and flexibility through a series of postures that holds therapeutic value to those who are healthy and those who might struggle with health issues.  The pace is slow and steady and modifications will be offered to beginners and to students with health challenges.

To complete the sequence we incorporate restorative poses and a long final relaxation to restore body, mind and spirit.

All levels are welcome.