Yoga, Feldenkrais & Movement Therapy – More Online Classes Added Now

The Feldenkrais Method

The Feldenkrais Method(R) is a somatic (as in the “body perceived from within” mind/body discipline) approach to overall improvement of human function. It is NOT an exercise, not strenuous, however IT IS approachable to the general population and highly applicable for those with significant physical and cognitive difficulty.

Why and how does Feldenkrais (R) work?

The Method’s effectiveness comes from engaging the power of the mind/nervous system  through gentle, low key movement with awareness, thus, through observation, recognition and differentiation allowing new, more efficient options to arise. It simply allows all participants to move easier, lighter, more efficiently, be more self aware, recognize and change ingrained  patterns to new ways to improve any function.

Who is Feldenkrais (R) for, and how can it help you?

Why would you want to come to an until now obscure class you may have never heard of, that has a foreign sounding name and magically requires no big physical effort on your part but will make you all better?  How? Without going into the how – you can read about that right here 🙂 – I quickly give you a list of the whys, the reason you want to consider taking up Feldenkrais as soon as you read this.

Here is a partial list of the many issues it can help you with.

On top are the ones, that I personally focus on:

  • Stress management, anxiety issues, reducing overall tension in the body and the mind;
  • Less overall pain: back, neck, head, joints, pelvis, etc., – all of which also point back to reducing, tension, anxiety and stress;
  • Physical challenges of aging gracefully: joint and back issues, balance and stability;
  • Faster recovery from joint replacement, back and other types of surgery and/or physical injury;
  • Improved breathing facilitating better function;
  • Neurological challenges due to aging, head injury, birth defects, MS, Parkinson’s, etc.
  • Improved athletic performance, optimum function, strength, stability and flexibility;
  • Overcoming challenges and improving function for women with pelvic issues (yes, it is a benefit for men too, but I primarily work with women in this capacity);
  • Improved mental function for special needs: ADD, ADHD, Spectrum Disorders;

In addition to all of this anyone and everyone benefits with

  • improved health of your joints and mobility, more vitality, efficiency, better coordination, performance, improved mental function, better sleep and general well being.

In summary, there is nothing to loose and everything to gain, so why don’t you give it a try today!

Feldenkrais lessons can be done in 2 separate formats:

Awareness Through Movement (ATM) involves structured movement lessons, performed individually or in a group setting, in which students follow verbal instructions of the teacher. Typically, the participants begin by lying on mats, although the lessons can be taught using a variety of positions, including sitting on chairs or standing. In ATM lessons, students learn by doing and paying attention to the movement sequences.

Functional Integration (FI) is a one-on-one, hands-on approach where the information is communicated through the use of specific, precise, and skilled manipulation and passive movements instead of verbal directions. The approach is individualized for the client’s particular needs. This modality may include some soft tissue work to relieve excessive muscle tension, spasm, or myofascial tightness.

Contact me to determine which modality is right for you: