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Awareness Through Movement(R) or ATM(R)

Awareness Through Movement(R) or ATM(R) for short, is the group version of the Feldenkrais Method(R), where students are verbally guided through a movement sequence designed to explore/modify/enhance a specific function or set of functions, such as movement in the hips, the shoulders or the neck for instance, enhance the ability turn or getting up and down from the floor.

It is logically pieced together, so the pupil experiences in her/his own body the usefulness of certain movements/actions and the lack of necessity or even the contrary ones of others. All this means that by going through a lesson we will find ways to less effort, more lightness a more optimal way of moving our whole self.

Individuals with more complex injuries and chronic pain, however, are advised to start with the Functional Integration or FI session.

What happens during and ATM (R) session?

During the Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement (R) class, that generally lasts somewhere around an hour, the teacher verbally instructs the students in a manner that never requires to execute in an exact fashion – like in some types of yoga practice -, rather encourages to explore many facets of the same movement, but with always the pupil’s ease and comfort in mind.

Students are encouraged to do less and feel more: enhanced awareness of function is what ensues from this kind of a practice. Ultimately, one discovers more about him or herself and masters new movement patterns that are more conducive to function, resulting in more ease and comfort and less pain. We do not stretch or work out, instead we optimize our functioning both physically as well as mentally.

To give you a taste of what an ATM(R) looks like, please see the lovely video below, produced by a wonderful Feldkenkrais practitioner in North Carolina, Lavinia Plonka.

Enjoy and see you in class!

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Small group Awareness Through Movement (R) sessions are available in West Windham at 9:30 AM.  For class schedule and directions call 603-548-5511.

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