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Community FI (R) Mondays at MoonDanceYoga

A Special Offer for Functional Integration(R) – Community Outreach

Very recently, I participated in a forum exploring models for integrative healthcare,looking at from the patient’s perspective.  We were compiling a list of requirements, necessities, that clients need to have in their care.

Among those necessities mentioned was to make it accessible, affordable and to give back to the community. It got me thinking about what I do, how I do it and whether most people would be able to afford my services on a regular basis. Considering all factors I could think of, I came to the conclusion that while I’m definitely in the range what’s considered reasonable, it is most likely not affordable to all.

What that though in mind I decided to extend an offering, that may not be earthshaking in the grand scheme of things, but hopefully will help some, struggling with a variety of issues. Starting right now: I am reserving 6 appointments on Mondays to clients who cannot otherwise afford to come and partake in my private classes. You can reserve 1 hour time slots by emailing me at with Community Monday Request in the subject line. The charge for these appointments will be $25/ a full hour long visit.

Functional Integration(R) of the Feldenkrais Method(R), which is a somatic movement education modality based on neuroplasticity, addresses movement/mobility issues, stress, chronic pain, neurological issues, CP, Parkinsons or even stroke among many other difficulties, so if you yourself, or someone you know could benefit, please let them know of this opportunity to help them start on the path to wholeness again.

This offer is meant to stay in effect indefinitely, although I reserve the right to change some of the parameters as it may become necessary and beneficial for all.

Yours in Health and Wholeness,


Author: MoonDanceYoga

Zsuzsa Belhazy-Kovacs, MsME, e-RYT, GCFP(R) Zsuzsa started out as a classical ballet dancer, studying for 12 years in Hungary. She started practicing yoga with Lilias Folan's PBS series in the early eighties, while living in Vermont. She is and e-RYT and became a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner(R), GCFP in 2013 after 4 years of intensive study at the Feldenkrais Institute of New York. She is interested in other movement based healing modalities, meditation and dance therapy. Currently she teaches therapeutic yoga, Feldenkrais floor work, aka Awareness Through Movement(R) or ATM and offers private sessions both in therapeutic yoga and Feldenkrais Functional Integration(R), FI at her Nashua and West Windham NH office. When not doing yoga or Feldenkrais movement she is likely to be found on deck coaching synchronized swimming with ANA Synchro in Andover, Mass.

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