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Detox Yoga at Full Specturm Wellness – April 16 Friday, 6-8PM

Through vigorous, flowing sequences (known as Vinyasa) we’ll increase blood circulation and muscle work. This will help the lymphatic system to function better, so the body is able to release toxins easier, increase immunity and return to optimal balance. The detox process works by first bringing heat to the body through a dynamic (Vinyasa flow) sequence focusing on standing poses and core work. Then we literally wring toxins out of the body through a series twists. Lastly, the body is further rejuvenated through inversions and restorative yoga poses.

For this class, it is useful to have knowledge of basic yoga poses and terms. Although the pace is vigorous, any individual will be able to bring the practice to their own pace with individualized guidance and corresponding modifications from the teacher.

Your Teacher is Zsuzsa Kovacs, RYT

For more information and to reach Zsuzsa directly you may contact:,


April 16, Friday 6:00 – 8:00 PM

Full Spectrum Wellness,
55 South Commercial St, Manchester NH



RSVP/questions: call Zsuzsa at 603-548-5511

or email

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Free Introductory All Levels Yoga Class, Windham NH

Come join us February 28, Saturday morning  for a free introductory yoga class at Yoga Sanctuary in Windham, NH and start your weekend refreshed, renewed and full of energy.

This yoga class is designed to accomodate all levels of practitioners from the novice to the experienced.   In this yoga practice we will include a variety of yoga poses, yoga sequences, combining vinyasa flow yoga with hatha yoga principles and yogic breathing practices. Concluding the practice we’ll  practice restorative yoga poses, relaxation and meditation as well.

No matter what your current level of yoga practice, you will find new yoga poses, new approaches, emphasis and perhaps a new insight, that might take your existing yoga practice to a new level.  We’ll work on a variety objectives: developing improved strength, balance, mind/body awareness and vitality, as well as insight, which are hallmarks of a balanced and sustained yoga practice. This is a relaxing and empowering yoga practice that will serve as a solid start for the weekend, for new and seasoned practitioners alike.

I invite you to come and explore a this new yoga venue with us, taking new steps on the wonderful journey of yoga!


Yoga Sanctuary, Windham NH



Saturday, February 28 –  9:30 – 10:45 a.m.

FREE INTRODUCTORY CLASS – session announcement coming!

RSVP/questions: call Zsuzsa at 603-548-5511                                                                                    or email